The A, B, Cs Of Getting Your Business To The Press, On A Budget.


When you’re founding your business, high chances are you’re working under a budget. A tight one at that seeing as, well, it’s a new business. Financial discrepancies, capital-wise, are the last thing you need. Be that as it may, your business getting some media attention would be a big deal. So what do you do when you’re doing your own PR because you can’t afford the whole shebang that professional PR pros come with? It means that you have to pull a few rabbits out of your hat like compiling eye catching and relevant press releases. You need to build a concrete, useful network of media contacts as well as appreciate the ability and advantages of being spontaneous.


That said, what makes you to a journalist what light is to a moth?

a) Understand what makes news, news. Once you find out what rocks journalists’ socks, you’re a step closer to garnering media attention.

b) Whatever you think the above entails, it has to have the USP of the highest degree. It had better be rare, unusual or unprecedented.

c) It has to be fresh. A recent occurrence is 100% prone to attention compared to old news. Unless there has been an upgrade or a development. Old news is no news.

d) Quotes always add some pizazz to a story. Especially if you’ve already established connections in some high places, have a notable person back your credibility, give comments or further details on the story.

e) Rags to riches. Zero to hero. Hero to zero to hero; these types of stories have a special affinity to attention. Make the most out of the one you have.

f) With global warming threatening to wipe us all off the face of the earth, socially or globally environmental awareness sort of angle to whatever you’re selling would so go like hot cake right now. *Wink Wink*

g) An utterly new, highly innovative product/device like a remote control that can change your DVD for you, so that even when you press “eject” you don’t have to move an inch from the couch, should earn you great adoration from the masses. (Seriously, can someone please invent this already?)

h) Should your bull’s eye be the local press, try applying CSR. Anything that benefits the locals turns a few heads.

i) Awards earned in whatever cause especially at national level should do. Those should warrant you some media attention.

j) And finally, I’m yet to find an underdog who isn’t adored. Tell you what, if in the big Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match that took place in May, you had your money on Manny (Pun intended. Or not) raise your hand and say “I”…*I!!! šŸ™‹*
Position yourself as a startup that’s taking on a multinational and watch people warm to you like a puppy or a fluffy kitten. However, don’t come off as cocky and unrealistically hopeful. That would beat the whole point of being an underdog.

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