8 Ways To Promote The YOU Brand On Social Media.


If as millenials we don’t count our lucky stars (Pun intended…You know, because “Brand”…”Star”… Get it?) then I don’t know when we ever will. Why do I say this, you ask? Because SOCIAL MEDIA. In this era we’re living in becoming a brand overnight is easy as ABC. Unlike in yester years/generations, where they had to rely on television and radio and newspapers (Yikes! *Shudders*). That in current language is how age is calculated in dog years. We cannot afford to ignore the power of social media which has only been around for only 5 years, over which immense growth has been made.

When potential employers and employees google you, make sure you’ve left behind a trail of impressive online presence. Otherwise you might not be cut out for that job you badly want or the labor your company direly need.

You now have the leverage, advantage, upper hand, you name it, to build, strengthen and amplify your personal brand or otherwise on this fast growing phenomenon. The potential of the world wide web continues to evolve and the sooner we embrace the fact that it’ll keep changing our business models and adapt, the better.

That said and done, here’s how you can make the brand YOU a gift to the entire www.

1.) Passion Is Key:
It’s easier to convince people of something you actually believe in yourself. Once you know what your cause is, become an expert and publish content relevant to your industry, online.

2.) Dablew.Dablew.Dablew.WebHereIAm.Con:
A domain name, most preferably in your name, would be a great way to own content online. If your name is already taken then #DontPanic. Create one that’s in sync with what your industry is about.

3.) Create A WordPress Blog With The Above Domain:
It is through WordPress that Google gets new and fresh content. So stand out with unique information and you just might the overnight google star.

4.) Did I Mention Unique And Fresh Content Above?
Keep your blog updated with unique and fresh content. Maintain consistency while you’re at it. Some people are good at video, others audio and some the art of writing. Identify which one is yours and hang onto it.


5.) Create A Twitter And Facebook Accounts In Your Official Names:
Remember, the goal is to sell the brand YOU. So even if the twitter handle with your name is already taken, try and coin one that closest relates to you and what you’re all about (MOST preferably relate or link it to your domain name.)
While at this, abide by social media etiquette. Follow people who follow you and engage with your audience on both Facebook and Twitter to the best of your ability. As far as the former goes, a page is more resourceful and preferable to a profile.

6.) Create An Optimized LinkedIn Profile:
LinkedIn has over 300 million professional members. This means its search results on Google will highly appear whenever someone searches your name. Here you can link your expertise and authority to your other social media pages/profiles.

7.) Publish Content Achievements To Your Social Media Platforms:
If you’re a manager you’ve definitely had PowerPoint presentations. Make use of Slideshare and upload these where necessary. Create a YouTube channel as well and record interviews and presentations and upload them here. If you have photos from events well, #TGFIR! “Thank God For Instagram, Right?”

8.) Make It Easy For People To Share And Spread Your Content:
If you’re reading this then that means you’re somewhat already social media savvy and thus knows what this means. Take utmost advantage of the “share” buttons.

Now go YOU! Go share and spread some YOU, nay, scratch that; a lot of YOU to the world. All the best!

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