Broken Frames

Who used to be my heart
All I ever knew
All he ever knew
But now all that has fallen fast
Fading like a heartbeat from a departing soul.

Now all I call him, what my lips utter is he-who-I-used-to-know
I watch him watching me, he watch me watching him
And inside the eye I see my loathing for his now tainted as coal soul.
Now black as tar.

Two letter sins, are mine heart and his heart
Thudding against both our chests like ticking bombs whose life switch is about to go astray.
Flesh threatening to scatter apart.

These tears I shed flow from my broken frames.
So shattered, they fail to play the part of holding my flood gates together.
My wounded spirit tempted to beg you to let me in again
Because heavens know how every fibre of me yearns for you
But the hurt in the heart yells in vain,
I can’t help but do the listening to every ounce of pain.

But then it hits me, when it’s all said and done, this is my way out
As you catch your breath, dearest you-who-I-used-to-know
This is the last kiss.

Au revoir, mon cherie.